- Pharmaceutical herbs, including thyme, wild mint, rosehip, sorrel and mariamakhot; berries, such as sea buckthorn, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry; and fruit, including wild pear and apple.

- A milk cooling system, used to sour milk at a temperature of 4 degrees (the milk is bought from the residents). The village works with the dairy company Ashtarak Kat.

- Livestock farming, including large and small livestock, pigs, birds and honeybee colonies.

- Agricultural products, including wheat, barley, potatoes, cabbage, melons, milk, meat, wool, eggs and honey.

- The residents of Yamaj gather berries, fruit and herbs.

- The cultivation of non-traditional crops, particularly broccoli, kohlrabi, and Chinese cabbage through organic agricultural practices. 

- Handmade goods--It would be possible for residents to exhibit handmade items and share their practice, skills and knowledge with all those interested.

-  Preparing preserves, jam, syrup and various liqueurs from fruits.