Provided is the four-year plan 2013-2016 of Gargar rural community. Here is its table of contents:

  1. What is a Four-Year Plan?
  2. Community Assessment
  3. Community Strategy and Main Objectives
  4. Flagship Program and Objective Proposals in Different Fields; Formulation of Concrete Problems
  5. Community Budget Estimation and Forecast
  6. Key Indicators of Four-Year Community Development Plan

Annex 1. Structure of the Staff of the Head of Community and of Subordinate Organizations
Annex 2. List of Community Property Assets


Why is the Community Strategy Made Available Online?

Gargar community actively cooperates with a number of local and international organizations and it is of paramount importance to let the latter get familiar with the community’s future projects and the resources available for implementation.

Since Gargar is open to new opportunities for cooperation, building new partnerships is not excluded. By studying the community strategy, organizations can better understand in which ways they may collaborate with the community and contribute to the realization of its vision.


What is a Four-Year Plan?

The four-year development plan is one of the key documents that is elaborated by the community head and his staff, discussed by the board of aldermen of the village and then put into effect.
It is an in-depth analysis of the community socioeconomic status and a set of steps that need to be taken in compliance with identified problems, assessed financial, economic and human capitals to foster targeted and purposeful growth. These steps provide a framework for efficient problem solving through strategic policy and budget execution.

For details, please access the PDF document.